Jayne Martin

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” —Nora Ephron

In my dream, I haven’t graduated from high school. I need just one more class, but somehow I can never find the classroom or I arrive days after the class has started. I haven’t got the right book and there are no desks left so I give up and go home vowing to try again next semester. But I never make it and I wake up always wondering if I maybe never did graduate. And immediately, my head goes to all the things I need to get done that day that I’ll never finish.

It’s been that way with birthing “Tender Cuts” into the world. A book! My biggest dream ever! Who knew writing it would be the easy part? I’m a card-carrying introvert. Likely a big reason I became a writer in the first place. What I’m definitely not is a salesperson, but that’s the reality for an author in today’s publishing environment. Promote. Promote. Promote. I’m already breathing into a bag.

Nearby there’s a string of car dealerships and I always see men on street corners holding up giant foam fingers directing passing drivers into the car lots and for a moment I see myself with my shopping cart of books and a sign, “Buy my book!” Only the street is the Internet.

So you’re likely to see me out there jumping up and down and waving a giant finger to where you can buy “Tender Cuts” a lot more than you’d like. But we’re all friends, right? You’ll tell me if I’m being obnoxious, right?

I need a nap.

Thanks for stopping by.