Jayne Martin

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” —Nora Ephron

Short Fiction, Poetry, and Essays

Flash Fiction

The Body Gives, but the Spirit Lives” at Gooseberry Pie

Us” at Bending Genres

Slipping Away” at South Florida Poetry Journal (scroll down to 9th story)

Mayflowers” at South Florida Poetry Journal (scroll down)

Boys Will Be Boys” at 50-Word Stories

The Way I Remember It” at Bending Genres

As the Story Goes” in Ellipsis Zine

1967” in FlashFlood (National Flash Fiction Day 2021)

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At the Stroke of Midnight” at The South Shore Review

Alternate Holidays and Weekends” at Bending Genres

Third Wheel” at Drunk Monkeys

In the Land of Plenty” at Anti-Heroin Chic

Trending on Twitter” at Photo Soup Journal

H” at 50-Word Fiction

Puzzling” at Fiction Kitchen

Fissures” at Fox Glove Journal

What Had Been Lost” at Spelk Fiction

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“Eventide” in New Flash Fiction review

“The Tumbling Tomasellos” – 5:2:One

“The Heart of the Town” – First Place Winner, Women on Writing Flash Fiction Fall 2013 Contest 

“Memorial Day” in Tethered by Letters

“Passing Through” in Slick Lit Magazine

“Best Laid Plans” in Degenerate Literature

“Modern Living” in Bending Genres

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“The Visitor” in Cabinet of Heed

Predator” in Connotation Press

“One of a Kind”  in Bending Genres

Closing Time” in Spelk Fiction


“Consider the Dawn” – The Bluebird Word, November 2022

“A Hole in the Sky” – Shambles, December 2021

“Ode to a Lone Sperm” – Sledgehammer, Summer 2021

“Collateral Damage” – Cleaver Magazine, March 2017


From Hurt to Healing” – Women Writers, Women’s Books

How Is Crafting Microfiction Like Getting a Boat Inside a Bottle” – Flash Fiction Retreat

Not Our Grandmother’s 70” – Women Writers, Women’s Books

“Let’s Talk About Fear” – Flash Fiction Retreats

“The Only Child” – Hippocampus Magazine

Out of My Hands” – Hippocampus, April 2018

Last Date

“You arrive from her bed flushed, rushed and unapologetic, wearing the sea green cashmere V-neck I gave you for Christmas.”