Jayne Martin

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” —Nora Ephron

I’m very grateful to the wonderful and prolific Gay Degani, who interviewed me for Heavy Feather Review. The piece just went up on Friday and can be read here. In her introduction, she writes beautifully about my book. Who could resist blushing at this praise:

The book itself is beautifully rendered from its heart-in-hand cover to its stark, but eloquent illustrations, and each reflect the aesthetic of the stories themselves. Throughout, Martin’s use of language is blade sharp, every excessive word pared away, leaving clearly defined skeletons of truth, offering up shock, realization, and metaphorical flashes of insight. Despite the compressed nature of each story, there is an arc in each piece taking us into the different worlds Martin creates with characters who react, change, and face the varied moments of life.

Gay Degani’s questions sparked a great conversation ranging from how Tender Cuts was initially conceived to my experience as a screenwriter and its influence on my writing of flash fiction. 

And if you’re not already familiar with her books and writing in general, find out more about Gay Degani here.